Wednesday, September 12, 2007


31st march, 07

DNP – Ratangarh
Via Sam – Jaisalmer – Pokhran – Bikaner

out resthouse at Desert national park

Reached early at Sam dunes while returning. We cant afford our trip without the camel ride on dunes, so as soon as we parked our bike, again many people approached us like the previous day. We bargained and managed one camel for both of us in just Rs. 50 for few minutes.

One must experience camels ride here. The thrill in camel ‘take off’ and ‘landing’ is impossible anywhere else. The camelwala teenager started telling about all the Bollywood’s films shot here and all the actors he saw during the shoots. Interestingly these people have kept the names of their camel on film stars. We were riding Hritik roshan, by just paying Rs.50 nice deal na!! ;-)

hrithik roshan n my bike ..

While returning back from the ride an old man carrying a bucket full of cold drinks and mineral water bottles kept on insisting for his drinks. Chilled Coke, Pepsi, Mazaa in the desert…. Sounds Interesting !! Soon our Hritik had a safe landing. And now we were ready for another long ride, but now on our own babe!!!!

bye jaisalmer !!

this milestone is 23 kms away from Jaisalmer.

Crossed Jaisalmer, Pokhran with few butt and water breaks. But even this time the ride was not easy. Sandstorm kept on scaring us, but we kept on riding. Initially we reduced our speed whenever we got a big strong wind, but this way we were losing lot of time, so later decided to ride on the constant high speed. I don’t know how wise was this decision, but it worked. This time we were careful enough of fuel and air in tyres, so dint trusted the fuel gauge. Whenever we spotted a reliance petrol pump after a long duration, we got the tank and the reserve bottle full.

We reached Bikaner in time. Went back to the same milk parlour, where we found the same person. He was happy to see us again and was eager enough to offer his help. He guided us to stop at Ratangarh and we followed his advice as it was at a safe distance, where we could reach well before dark. It was around 13 or 1400 hrs when we left Bikaner. Kept on ripping bike and reached Ratangarh in evening.

Hmmm… nice place to halt, however one has to do a few kilometres detour from the NH-11 to reach this place.

Trip meter - 1666 kms
distance covered today - 560 kms

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Quasar said...

Nice work Varun.... good to see you went there.

Your Himalayan trip and now this...

so tempting... you are so lucky to have these trips.... also i like your blogs... keep posting more and more....